Betdaq Promotions Code 2018

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New Betdaq Promotions Code

Betdaq are now offering new customers up to  £1,000 cash back on commissions paid through the first 30 days as a Betdaq customer. That’s right, sign up with Betdaq today and you’ll receive a refund of up to  £1,000 on commissions paid through your first months betting and trading with Betdaq. Please note, this offer is only available for new Betdaq customers. If you are already a Betdaq customer, you are ineligible to claim this offer.

What is Betdaq Promotions Code 2018?

Betdaq Bonus TypeDescription
Betdaq Sign Up BonusUp to £1,000 refund on commissions paid
Betdaq Promotions Code 2018

Type of PromoWelcome Offer
Validity Period30 days
Eligable BetsAll Exchange Bets, Standard 2% commission charged

With the Betdaq Promotions Code 2018 you can get receive up to  £1,000 in refunded commissions, paying standard commission rate of 2% commission rate for the first 30 days of your Betdaq account. This Betdaq promotions code 2018 only applied to new customers. (T&Cs apply)

Betdaq Promotions Code 2018: New Betdaq Offer

If you’re a new Betdaq customer you can now claim up to £1,000 in cash back on commissions you pay within the first 30 days of opening your Betdaq account. When you sign up with Betdaq you will receive up to £1,000 on commissions refunded directly to your Betdaq account.(T&Cs apply)

It’s a superb deal especially if you are a busy large volume Betdaq trader and are more than likely to pay up to £1,000 in commissions through your first month of your Betdaq account.(T&Cs apply)

To claim your £1,000 in Betdaq commissions, click the offer code link below:

Reveal Betdaq Promotions Code 2018

About Betdaq

Although relatively new to the betting exchange market, and facing the daunting task of competing with the likes of Betfair in an extremely competitive field, Betdaq are beginning to make a name for themselves as a result of offering low commission rates. For those unfamiliar with betting exchange platforms, the concept involves customers placing and accepting bets, while the companies themselves act as a broker than facilitates such transactions by investing in infrastructure and systems. Betdaq do not make any profits from the outcome of an event directly, instead earning money in commission exchange bets.

Betdaq’s easy to navigate website, as well as sports and other market commission as low as just 2% of net profit, it is little surprise they are becoming an increasingly popular option for punters. Despite this, Betdaq offer a limited number of odds when compared to some of their main competitors, with payment options and currencies also an area in which they lack diversity. Despite this, the Betdaq Promotions Code 2018, along with a full sports betting market, makes them an attractive alternative to the market leaders.

Betdaq are operated by Ladbrokes International plc, which as one of the more established and trusted names within the UK betting industry, has enabled them to increase their reputation at a quicker rate than most new companies.

Sports Betting at Betdaq

Betdaq is a betting exchange platform which allows backers and layers to place bets on a whole host of sporting action. Despite the likes of horse racing, football and tennis being among the most popular markets in the UK, several other disciplines are available to take advantage of. Although their coverage may not cover as many bases as some of their rivals, all of the major sports are covered by Betdaq, with just some of the lower leagues and less high-profile events not being available. Unsurprisingly, the English Premier League is the most popular sports betting market available to customers at Betdaq, although with big stake customers unlikely to get their bets matched, they are likely to lose out to more established rivals. Elsewhere, the likes of boxing, golf, darts and rugby union help to form a more than useful sports betting market for customers.


In-Play Betting and Live Streaming

As a result of the odds fluctuating in the sports betting market, in-play options come into play for customers at Betdaq. Customers who choose to place a back bet in a particular market are able to then lay the same amount for smaller odds, while those who lay a bet in a market can then back the same outcome at a larger price. Users are also to back and lay a bet before its expiry thanks to Betdaq’s cash out option, meaning a bet is settled to that the same amount is won whatever the outcome.

As well as these features, live betting is also available to all customers, offering an exciting alternative to taking a pre-match punt. Such action can be found using the live bet tab at the bottom of the screen when on Betdaq’s page, with a whole host of sports available. Sports such as football, tennis, golf, and Formula 1 are all popular in-play markets, with others such as darts becoming increasingly utilised.

Despite Betdaq not providing live streaming of sporting action on their desktop site, it is available to customers through their mobile app. Although Betdaq once again fall behind the likes of Betfair when it comes to the amount of live games broadcasted, this is an area in which they are developing all the time. It has been found that customers are far more likely to bet on an event if they can view it on their desktop site, meaning that Betdaq will need to ensure their live streaming options are increased if they are to compete in the market place. Although their website does provide customers with score updates, Betdaq are not responsible for bets placed on this information, and as a result it is worth ensuring that such information is 100% accurate before placing a bet. Also, note that markets will be suspended in the event of a key moment occurring during a particular game, such as a goal or red card in a football match.


Mobile App

As recently mentioned, the Betdaq mobile app offers many of the same features as the desktop site, with the addition of live sports streaming. The app is available on the App Store for Apple users, as well as through a browser search for those using Android devices. For those of you still considering whether or not to utilise the Betdaq mobile app, new customers will also receive a 0% commission rate with their Betdaq Promotions Code 2018.

As well as the unique live streaming options, both Profom race guides and exclusive Betdaq mobile odds are two more worthwhile reasons to download the app. The demand for on the go betting capabilities is now greater than ever, with more bets being placed through mobile devices than on any other technology in 2016. Live football betting is an ever-growing market, although Betdaq are likely to struggle to compete with their more established rivals in this area thanks to their lack of liquidity, which in turn limits the amount of traffic to their mobile app.

Betdaq Customer Support

Despite offering several methods of acquiring help from their support team, Betdaq’s customer service is certainly lacking when compared to the rest of the market. The Betdaq customer service team is only available from 10am-11pm seven days a week, with issues related to betting, banking and promotions all normally efficiently dealt with. A live chat option, something the majority of customers prefer to use these days, is available, however it is sporadic, with no clear pattern as to when staff members are online to provide assistance. Customers at Betdaq can also be made to wait a little too long for their queries to be answered on occasion.

As well as their live chat service, members can also contact Betdaq by telephone, e-mail and indeed fax. For less pressing matters, a postal address in Ireland can also be reached, however this should be used as a last resort in most cases. With Betdaq looking to improve in all aspects of their company, customers are able to send feedback using both an e-mail form and comments section, where both positive and negative views can be shared. Betdaq also deal with any lost usernames or passwords in an efficient manner.

With many unfamiliar with the betting exchange world before signing up with Betdaq, provide a help centre, featuring a list of commonly asked questions and answers. This help centre also has an ‘Ask A Question’ Facility, where customers are required to complete and submit a simple form. Technical guides are also used to differentiate between exchange betting and fixed odds betting, while customers can also take advantage of the account queries section in order to solve their problems.


Deposits and Withdrawals

Betdaq certainly keep up with the competition in terms of deposit and withdrawal options, with a variety of methods available to customers. A minimum deposit and withdrawal of £10 is required whichever method of payment you choose to use. Debit card options include Visa Delta, Debit, Electron, Mastercard and Maestro, with no fees for either depositing or withdrawing. Processing time for withdrawals using debit cards is usually around 24 hours.

Meanwhile, both Visa and Mastercard credit cards are available to use, however a fee of 1.5% when depositing will be taken when using this method. When using a credit card, depositing is instant, while for withdrawals time will vary between 3-5 days.

Elsewhere, eWallet payment methods such as Neteller, Skrill and PayPal among others are all accepted options. No fee will be applied by Betdaq when depositing or withdrawing using any such methods, with an instant processing time for depositing, and up to 24 hours for withdrawals.

Finally, Betdaq also accept both bank transfers and cheque payment options, with no fee taken for either method. This is however the least efficient option for customers to use, with the processing time via bank transfer between 1-5 days, and even longer via cheque, taking between 5-10 days to process.

Other Betdaq Promotions

Betdaq PromotionPromotion Details
Betdaq CasinoBet £10, Get £30
Betdaq New Customer OfferUp To £1,000 Cash Back
Betdaq Trading Tools2% Commission Rate
Betdaq VirtualsBet £10, Get £10
Betdaq Promotions Code 2018

As well as their enticing Betdaq Promotions Code 2018, Betdaq also offer a number of other promotions and rewards for both new and existing customers. In such a crowded market, it can be difficult for smaller companies to compete in terms of liquidity and markets offered. However, Betdaq provide such promotions for customers in order to attract them to their platform rather than the likes of Betfair, with commission, bonuses and free bets all available. (T&Cs apply)

Having troubles with deciding how much to bet? Read our advice here.

Betdaq Games Bonus

New customers are also able to take advantage of a £30 bonus at Betdaq Games, with a minimum deposit of £10 required in order to take advantage. Customers must register and gamble for real money on a game for this bonus to take effect. Once the £30 worth of free bets has been issued, it can be used on slots, virtual slots, jackpots and table games at Betdaq, with over 150 to choose from in total. (T&Cs apply)


Trading Tools Wednesday Bonus

With many of Betdaq’s customers using trading tools in order to make backing and laying procedures more simple to operate, additional bonuses in this area are always welcome. For those using such trading tools, you can receive a commission refund of up to 50% every Wednesday. Trading tools are generally established to close or match bets at a certain price based on suggestions, and are sold as add-ons which can be found on Betdaq’s software. (T&Cs apply)

Other Features

To make it easier for customers to locate their favourite markets, the Betdaq Home Page features a menu of popular links, including upcoming horse races, odds for the English Premier League, and in-play betting odds. As well as these markets, four other options can be found at the bottom of this menu, including the following:


During the introduction of the betting exchange model, it was not possible for customer to place multiple bets at accumulated odds, due to the technology not being around to lay money on any markets other than singles. However, thanks to recent developments, customers at Betdaq are now able to place multiple bets in markets such as horse racing, football, tennis, basketball and golf. In order for a bet to be classified as a multiple, a minimum of two selections are required, with although the number of legs in such a bet is unrestricted, any returns will be capped by maximum pay-outs depending on the bet type.


It has become increasingly common for online bookmakers to offer their customers the opportunity to bet on virtual sports, and Betdaq are no different. Virtual events including horse racing, greyhounds, motor racing, football and cycling can all be utilised, although obviously the quality of the picture will not be as good as in real life. Many will be wondering how the results of virtual events are created, with a random number generator being used in order to process such betting action. There is no risk of the bookmaker losing as a result of a profit margin being written into the odds, as well as them only paying back a percentage of the stakes. Virtual events at Betdaq are surprisingly good, with the majority of sports being accompanied by commentary and quality graphics, which help users easily locate their selected horse or player.

Racing Results

With the horse racing market being one of the most popular in the UK, Betdaq provides updated results for race meetings in the UK and Ireland. Customers are able to locate horse racing results from the last seven days with ease, and there is very little delay between the end of a race and the outcome being available. Results from each individual race are shown, with the position, name of horse, jockey, number, weight and starting price all being displayed. To make things even easier for customer, the letter F will be placed next to the horse that is the favourite for a particular race meeting. Joint favourites and co-favourites are also displayed.

Racing Replays

Furthermore, for horse racing fans, access to replays of certain races is also available to customers. Using their unique username and password, races can be viewed by selecting them from a calendar, with all meetings accompanied by both audio commentary. This feature has been found to be particularly useful for those who like to properly research their bet selections, with replays offering the opportunity to view how horses performed in previous outings. Betdaq have seen a significant increase in horse racing betting since the introduction of this feature, with a whole host of information available when placing such a bet.



Betdaq offer an affiliate marketing scheme between individuals and companies who run their own websites, with the arrangement involving rewarding such affiliates with income for generating traffic that eventually lead to fully paying customers. After partners have agreed to terms and conditions, a full range of banners are available, which can be used to promote Betdaq and attract new users. Those involved are able to earn revenue through referring real money players to Betdaq’s online or mobile platforms, and commissions are based on winning bets rather than the revenue share model used by traditional bookmakers. This scheme offered by Betdaq is certainly an appealing agreement for many within the industry, especially within the betting exchange market.

With a lifetime revenue share of up to 35%, along with no other negative carryovers, Betdaq have established an effective scheme that is mutually beneficial to both parties. All partners will have access to marketing tools which display the latest promotions and bonuses offered by Betdaq, helping to maximise the potential in such dealings. As well as this, the affiliation also provides XML feeds which help to offer live odds for all sports betting markets. As the second largest sports betting exchange in the world, matching over £75 million worth of bets every week, there is certainly vast opportunity for those involved. The promotion of sports betting, casino games and virtual sports are all available, with potential to earn commission for each new customer.


Despite struggling to gain a significant market share as a result of the dominance of Betfair and alike, Betdaq do have the clients to create liquidity, with means that in turn they can match more bets in different markets. As well as this, excellent promotional tools and a good range of different sports betting markets, as well as casino games, means that Betdaq are a good alternative to some of the more established platforms. Betdaq are able to compete with others in other areas too, with their mobile app, live streaming and in-play markets all improving all the time. As far as the betting exchange market is concerned, commissions of between 2%-5% mean that Betdaq are likely to receive an increase in new members in the future, however they seem to be focusing on those customers who will bet heavily on a regular basis. Finally, the fact that Betdaq are regulated within the UK means that any money bet with them will be safe and secure. Odds at Betdaq are certainly competitive, with sports betting odds in particular often being better than with more traditional and established bookmakers.