DraftKings Promo Code 2019

At DraftKings, bettors will enjoy a great fantasy sports experience and for those that are new to the site and are creating a real money account, the DraftKings Promo Code 2019 can add a free entry to a daily fantasy sports contest after first deposit*. More details about the brand below!

*With your first deposit of $5 or more, you will receive a FREE $3 ticket to play in any $3 paid contest. You must use this ticket within 1 year of depositing. Not redeemable for cash.

DraftKings Promo Code 2019

DraftKings Promo Code 2019 Description

To make use of this great Draftkings sportsbook promo code, punters will start by visiting Draftkings site and will enter this promotional code beneath the Sign me up button that will be seen in the middle of the page. This will take players to the registration form where they will fill out personal details and enter the code into the promo code field. They will then choose the method to use for the deposit and once the deposit is made, the promo code kicks in.

Draftkings sportsbook promo code

What’s the Draftkings promo code UK?

Is there a special Draftking promotion to the UK players? Unfortunately, we haven’t noticed that there is a Draftkings promo code UK with some promotions tailored to the UK market. We’ll wait to see what will happen next.

Welcome to DraftKings

The thrills of fantasy sports is found at DraftKings and anyone that has the desire to place wagers on a variety of events from around the world will benefit from the DraftKings promo code 2019 and all the features that are offered at the site. Aside from being able to be accessed via a desktop, DraftKings is also available for Android and iOS use, so everyone can quickly access the site and immediately benefit from free welcome cash when they create a new account.

In the past few years, DraftKings has become one of the most popular online fantasy sports site, coming in a close second to FanDeul. The company is based on Boston and was developed by Paul Liberman, Matt Kalish and Jason Roberts, the same three that were executives at the successful site, VistaPrint. The same year DraftKings was established, the site offered a great $300,000 NFL contest and this was followed the next year with an amazing $3.1 million contest. Over the years, DraftKings has placed a string focus on acquiring new members and retaining those that are already registered at the site.

Immediately upon accessing the site, players will enjoy the user-friendly site layout and a great lightbox technology, which will allow players to easily research and build their teams without having to leave the current page. This was the very first company to offer mobile apps that could be used for account management and game play. The site is loaded with all the information that members will need to create their fantasy sports teams, including player pages that feature stats.
Instead of having to commit to a full sport season, DraftKings makes it possible to enjoy daily sports with no long term commitment. With this ability, players can win quickly and can enjoy great cash prizes when they play with a registered account. After collecting the DraftKings promo code 2019, new players can jump right into the action and begin collecting some awesome payouts.

In case you are not only new to DraftKings but to betting in general, we recommend our How Much to Bet article to help you start.

Interface at DraftKings

The main lobby at DraftKings is designed for fast and simple navigation and every action can be performed right from the main page. From here, players can create a line up, select contests, choose times and even see past results. With a salary cap of $50,000, the line up can be created and all spots will have to be filled on the lineup and this salary cap cannot be exceeded. When a sport is selected, DraftKings will provide a list of every position for the sport as well as every player. Players will simply have to create their line up by filling positions with the best players. After the line up is created, players will just have to select a contest from the list in et lobby and import any line up that has been created.

With the player pages, the player news, injury information, previous stats and other information can be obtained, which will be beneficial when creating a lineup. The entire process is much easier than many think and after a few lineup creations, players will be at ease and will have to problem entering future contests. The overall design of the site is appealing to the eye, but the main page does seem a bit cluttered. Even though it is designed so that players can find everything they want from this main page, having some more tabs would present a cleaner look that may not be so intimidating to new players who are just getting started.

DraftKings has a great feature called the Late Player Swap. With this, players can swap out and replace players for any spot on the roster at any time prior to a start time for the game. This can be used even if other players in the line up have already started to play. This feature comes in handy for last minute substitutions due to injuries. There is also a global player swap, which is used to replace the same player in multiple line ups. This is a nice feature for those that have multiple line ups but may have used the same player in many of them, such as with a quarterback for football. With this feature, that player can be swapped out in all line ups with a simple click.

Draftkings promo code

Covered Sports

On what sports events can you use your Draftkings sportsbook promo code? At DraftKings, there are 9 amazing sports that are covered, each offering superb fantasy sports action. These sports include the MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, college basketball and football, MMA, soccer and golf. With multiple types of contests that can be entered or created, players will always have the best action available. While the coverage of sports may be a bit limited, there is no shortage of the events and contests that are offered. With daily or weekly leagues, players can collect quick rewards without having to commit to an entire sporting season.

Game Variety at DraftKings

When DraftKings first started, it placed a strong focus on the world of fantasy football. However, as more members started to join, there was a demand for other sport coverage, so today, DraftKings offers daily fantasy sports like hockey, basketball and baseball. There is coverage of college and professional basketball and football games. The games at the site fill up very quickly due to the growing popularity of daily fantasy sports and with a simple draft lobby offered, it is very easy to sort all the games by entry fees, game types, sport times, entry numbers and more. With this technology, it could not be any easier to find the exact game players are seeking.

Fantasy eSports

With the great success of daily fantasy sports, DraftKings has expanded to offer eSports at the site. eSports are video games that are played by competitive players and can offer real money wins to those that are members of DraftKings. League of Legends is one of the most popular eSports being played online and it is a Multi-player battle game, referred to as MOBA. The game is one of action and strategy and two different teams will be fighting to destroy the base of the opposite team. Each player will choose a character and all characters have different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. At DraftKings, players will be choosing their team, which will come from a list of competitive players. Once the team is developed, it will compete against other teams and the winner will receive a payout based on the amount that has been bet.

DraftKings Banking

Once you claim your Draftkings sportsbook promo code you certainly start wondering what are the payment methods available at Draftkings. For those that are starting out and are claiming the DraftKings Promo Code 2019, they will have to choose a supported payment method to add funds to the account. This can be done using a variety of credit cards like American Express, Discover, Visa or MasterCard. It is also possible to use PayPal or Amex, Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards. These options allow for instant deposits and are trusted and secure ways o add money to the account. Once a method is chosen, punters will have to enter their personal and financial details, all of which will be stored securely at the site for future use.

When it comes time to withdraw winnings from the account, the original method used for the deposit will be automatically used for the withdrawal. If punters used a prepaid card, they will have to choose another withdrawal option as these cards do not support these types of transactions. The amount of the deposit will automatically be returned using the deposit method and any funds over that amount will be returned by check or PayPal. While this may seem a bit confusing at first, it is pretty simple. Let’s say the punter deposited $75 with their Visa credit card and they have won $100. When conducting the withdrawal, $75 of the funds will be returned to the Visa card and the remaining $25 will be paid through PayPal or a check. When using PayPal, it can take between 2 and 3 business days for the funds to appear in the PayPal account. It is also possible for a check to be requested and this can take as long as 2 weeks.

Types of Fantasy Games Offered

When punters sign up at DraftKings and redeem the promo code, they will have the opportunity to play different games at the site. There are different game types that are supported and punters need to be aware of what these are so they can choose the one that will meet their personal betting needs.

  • Featured Games – These are the highlights of the top games that can be enjoyed at any time. Most of the leading sports are listed here so that punters can quickly find the most popular sports and events and place fast wagers.
  • Beginner Games – Here, those that are new to the site can get a rundown of the contests that are designed for new bettors. The great thing about this section is that one will be able to play against other beginners, so the skill levels are matched.
  • Head to Heads – with these, punters will use all of their skills, knowledge and strategies to bet against one other person. The best one will win, so these events are best for those with betting experience.
    Satellite Events and Qualifiers – Here, punters can bet higher amounts and earn larger payouts.
  • 50/50 – These are very popular with those that are new to the world of fantasy sports. These contests will payout rewards to the top half of the league that gets he win. Anyone who is just getting started will benefit from 50/50s and these are also quite popular for mid level punters as well.
  • Freerolls – These are daily or weekly events that will vary per sport. The winners of any freeroll can win tickets to enter more cash contests or they can earn DraftKing Dollars, which cannot be withdrawn, but can be used to enter other cash contests.

In addition to these, there are some leagues that are not as common, like multipliers, which are also referred to as boosters. At DraftKings, these boosters will allow the bankroll to multiply quickly, including 5x and 10x boosters that can boost the account balance.

Draftkings bonus

Mobile Apps at DraftKings

DraftKings not only caters to players who reside in the US, but also to those in the UK. With the mobile app, players using an Android device or iOS device can download the mobile app for instant access on mobile devices. There is also an app that can be downloaded through Google Play. In lieu of downloading the app, players can simply visit DraftKings using their web browser. This will take them directly to the mobile version of the site where the account can be accessed and all types of bets can be placed and teams can be formed. The mobile app provides the ability to use all of the same features as the main online site.
Offering an impressive mobile experience, the app from DraftKings lets players enjoy daily and weekly fantasy sports at any time, from any location.


Is there customer support?

DraftKings wants all members to have a fun and rewarding experience. For example, if you’re having issues with DraftKings promo code 2019, you ll’need to contact to their customer support. If there are ever questions, comments or concerns, they can be directed to the support team. The site offers live chat, where players can instantly connect with a representative. There is also email support at support@draftkings.com. There are limited hours of support and these are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 11 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm.

How long will DraftKings withdrawals take?

After players have entered contests and have won, they will have the ability to conduct safe and secure withdrawals. Withdrawals can only be requested Monday through Friday and any request that is received after 5 pm on Friday will not be processed until Monday. Once the request is processed by DraftKings, a confirmation email will be sent and it can take from 2 to 8 business days for the withdrawn funds to appear in an account. Those that are requesting a check should allow between 2 and 3 weeks for delivery.

What is needed to open an account?

When registering an account at DraftKings, users will be required to provide their full name, date of birth, address, phone number and an email address. DraftKings will verify the identity of all new members. In some cases, it may be required to submit additional documentation to verify identity.

Is all personal and financial information secure?

Like any other site that offers real money games, DraftKings takes all precautions to protect player information and privacy. The information that is provided when an account is created will be securely stored and all transactions will be processed using secure encryption software. This prevents account hacking and reduces the chances of fraud. DraftKings will not sell or trade any personal information to a third party and all provided info is solely used for account management or the offering of bonuses and promotions.

Is DraftKings legal?

The site makes sure to comply with all State and Federal laws to provide a safe, secure and legal site for members. Fantasy sports is considered a form of skill gaming and is therefore not subject to the same laws as online gambling activities.

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